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用词 句式 注意点
asked Mar 14, 2019 in Questions about English Grammar by 116050100106hqz (130 points)
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1. love you m in love with you.我爱上你了。
无数次见到这句话,最直接但是也最能表达自己的感情。're' the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.你是我见到过的最好看的女孩
3.' crazy about you.我为你痴迷。
同样的意思可以说:I' infatuated with you.我为你神魂颠倒。
4 want you to meet my parents.我想让你见见我的父母。
5. It was love at first sight我对你一见钟情。
也可以说 l fell in love with you the first time saw you. 're' my type.你是我喜欢的那种类型。
Why do you like me?你为什么喜欢我?
You're my type.因为你是我喜欢的那种类型。
如果是男士,也可以说:You' re the right girl for me.
answered Mar 19, 2019 by 117060100222cw2 (200 points)
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I love three things
the sun ,the moon and you
the sun for the day
the moon for the night
and you forever..
answered Mar 22, 2019 by 117030100323cfx (350 points)

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