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I went to the park where I found the stray dog. → I went to a park in which I found the stray dog.

I remember the day when I met him for the first time. → I remember the day on which I met him for the first time.



Which street does he live in? → In which street does he live?

Which organization does he work for? → For which organization does he work?


This is the room (which/ that) he was murdered in. → This is the room in which he was murdered.

當介系詞擺在關係子句結尾時,我們可以用 that 替代 who 或 which,或是直接省略關係代名詞。 

不過當介系詞擺在關係代名詞前面時,因為關係代名詞為介系詞的受詞,我們不可以用 that 替代 who 或 which,用 who 代替 whom,或是直接省略關係代名詞。

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