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call up,call on 和call for 的意思和用法有什么不同?
asked Mar 14, 2019 in Questions about English Grammar by 116070100215hl (3,260 points) | 2,282 views

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call up:

1. to make someone remember; recall

    the aroma of freshly baked bread calls up fond memories

2. to summon, esp. for military duty

3. to telephone

4. to retrieve (data) or access (a file, menu, etc.) and display on a computer screen

call on:

1. want someone to do something

    One of Kenya's leading churchmen has called on the government to resign.

2. to pay someone a short visit

    Sofia was intending to call on Miss Kitts.

call for:

1. to demand; require

    an emergency that calls for extreme measures

2. to come and get; stop for

3. to predict

   the forecast calls for snow flurries tonight

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[2] Collins Cobuild. Collins COBUILD advanced learner's English dictionary[M]. Collins Cobuild, 2006.

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