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连词:that, whether

连接代词:who, whoever, whom, which, whichever, what, whatever

连接副词:when, where, how, why等。

1. that引导主语从句时,that不作成分,但不能省去。

That light travels in straight lines is known to all.

That she is still alive is a consolation.

2. 有时为了使句子结构平衡,避免“头重脚轻”,常用it作形式主语,而把从句放在后面。

(1) It is +名词+从句

It is no surprise that Bob should have won the game.

(2) It is + 形容词+从句

It is obvious that conductors and insulators are both important in industry.

(3) It is + 过去分词+从句

It was required that they should finish their homework on time.

(4) It + 不及物动词+从句

It happened that I saw him yesterday.

3. whether引导

Whether it will do us harm remains to be seen.

4. 连接代词引导的主语从句

Which plan is better should be discussed.

5. 连接副词引导的主语从句

How it was done was a mystery.

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