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何謂思考溝通動詞(Cognition-Communication verbs)
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I thought that it is a blessing to marry you.

補語子句是引述思考的內容,以 that 做為前導,一方面與主要動詞區隔,一方面提示後續將有完整事件。這個事件的內容可以天南地北,上下古今,描述另一個時空中發生的事: 引述內容時,又有兩種選擇:

◆ 間接引述

Copernicus said / claimed / explained that [the Earth is round.]

Henry thought / guessed / remembered that [the manager had promised to promote him.]

◆ 直接引述

“I didn’t promise to promote you,”the manager said / claimed / explained. 

The author wrote:“There is no happiness without pain.” 

answered Dec 5, 2017 by admin (23,690 points)
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