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How many LE(s) are there? Are there LE1 and LE2? What is the difference between them?

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Traditionally, Linguists stated that there are two different LEs in Chinese in terms of the positions in sentences. Le1 is used after the verbs and Le2 is used as the sentence particle. For examples,

         e.g.       她生了1病了2.  

                      tā shēng-le1 bìng le2

             catch-LE  sickness LE

                      ‘She is sick.’

However, Chu (2016) and Liu (2017) stated that there was only one LE in Chinese. Chu (2016: 169) observed that in the presence of le2, le1 can be freely omitted.

          e.g.     那本書看完了好幾天了。

                     nà-běn shū kàn-wán-le1 hǎo-jǐ-tiān le2

                  = 那本書看完好幾天了。

                     nà-běn shū kàn-wán-( ) hǎo-jǐ-tiān le2

                    “That book had been read through many days.”

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