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Is GUO (過) always related to repeated events?

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Ma (1977) stated that guò 過 only occurs in repeatable events, for example,


                  *Gēlúnbù fāxiàn guò měizhōu-dàlù           

                   Columbus discover GUO American continent

                  ‘Columbus discovered the American continent.’

However, Liu (2015) refuted that guò 過 can be used in unrepeatable events,

            For example,


                        Gēlúnbù fāxiàn guò měizhōu-dàlù hé tàipíngyáng-shàng-de xiǎodǎo

                        Columbus discover GUO Am.-continent and Pacific.ocean-on DE small.islands

                        ‘C. has discovered Am. Continent and some small islands on the Pacific Ocean.’

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