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How to use Ma (嗎) in Chinese questions?

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Ma (嗎) is a question particle that is used to turn statements into yes-no questions. By adding  ma (嗎) to the end of a declarative sentence, a yes-no question (also known as binary question or polar question) is formed: 

你會中文 (Nǐ huì Zhōngwén/ You speak Chinese.)

→ 你會中文嗎? (Nǐ huì Zhōngwén ma?/ Do you speak Chinese?)

我該去 (w˘o g¯ai q`u/ I should go.)

→ 我該去嗎? (w˘o g¯ai q`u ma/ Should I go?)

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Auxiliaries, used to express questions, are usually used at the end of a sentence.

In interrogative sentences, the former is questioned.
answered Mar 14 by 118030300101lbl (230 points)
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