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 If, in case that, provided that 等假設或條件標記明顯表示事件的「非真實性」。Perhaps, maybe, possibly 等表達可能性的副詞也會改變句子的真實性。

I saw it. → 事實 (real)

Maybe I saw it. → 非事實( non-real)

此外,can, may, must, will, shall, could, might, should, would 等情態助動詞也可以用來表達「非真實」事件。在使用情態助動詞時,說話者只是表達個人主觀的期望、對可能性或責任義務的判斷,這些判斷其實都未確實發生。

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answered Feb 1, 2018 by admin (23,690 points)
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