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How to present verb phrases with different doers in serial-verb construction?
asked Mar 2, 2018 in Questions about Chinese Grammar by admin (23,690 points)

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When the verb phrases have different doers, the second doer will be marked by a causative marker 給 (gˇei/ to give) or  (r`ang/ to let). The theme shared must be omitted in the 2nd verb phrase.

我買本書他看 (w˘o m˘ai bˇen sh¯u gˇei t¯a k`an (sh¯u)/ I bought a book for him to read.)

我買本書他送人 (w˘o m˘ai bˇen sh¯u r`ang t¯a s`ong r´en (sh¯u)/ I bought a book for him to give someone.)

Reference: Chinese: a linguistic introduction by Chao Fen Sun

answered Mar 2, 2018 by admin (23,690 points)
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