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1. 主控者的重要性降低 → 受影響者的重要性提高


主控者不詳 → He was killed in an accident.

主控者已經提過 → The students went into the stadium and soon the whole place was packed.

主控者不須言明 → The bus was parked in the garage.

主控者相當於所有的人 → It is known that the Earth is the third planet from the Sun.

主控者刻意被隱藏 → The window is broken.

2. 維持連貫的主題焦點 → 主題剛好是受影響者

I have a dog whose name is Spark. He likes cats but is always chased by them.


3. 描述動作造成的結果狀態 → 動作狀態化

一般而言,主動句是描述「動作」,但被動句是描述動作發生造成的「狀態」。就其標記而言,以 Be 動詞為首,再加上過去分詞。

He was promoted yesterday.

4. 淡化人的主動性 → 強化事實結果的客觀性


→ It is found that English behaves differently from Chinese.

Related question: 同一事件以主動或被動描述有何不同?

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