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Making Sense of Grammar
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If you want to be good at grammar, these 5 techniques will help.
Challenging grammar or indent for the younger who may be suspicious of the target because of the difficult and sharp intelligence that is too challenging to challenge both the answer and the challenge. Let's... an example of how to bring it. Use it carefully, revert to...

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1. Basic grammar lines first
obliquely, the intestines will emphasize too much to scramble... focus on sharpness Emphasize clarity and clarity Emphasize clarity Emphasize vocabulary Emphasize emphasizing words Emphasize emphasizing words. Green... It's a grammar that we've been studying since childhood, sure enough. Tomorrow I will point to the top in the principle of...

2. There are example sentences to help you remember more easily.
As you know, Grammar or grammar in English has a lot of principles. and quite complicated Especially for learning English for high school students. the more difficult the grammar because it must be in English to be used in practice make it difficult to memorize Or sometimes recite it for a while and it can be forgotten. Therefore, how to help memorize by finding simple sentences that help to understand the use of grammar. It will help children to remember more accurately. And can also pull the job correctly as well. for example  เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์อันดับ1ของโลก

Simple : She learned (Past), She learns (Present), She will learn (Future).

Continuous : She was learning (Past), She is learning (Present), She will be learning (Future)

Perfect: She had learned (Past), She has learned (Present), She will have learned (Future).

Perfect Continuous : She had been learning, She has been learning (Present), She will have been learning (Future)

3. Must remember the exceptions accurately.
Many people think that grammar is difficult to understand because there are many exceptions, but it's actually not that difficult if you use English regularly with native speakers because the practice of speaking and listening often will get them used to it. with naturally correct sentences When learning grammar at school, it will make it easier for children to understand. without wasting time to memorize

4. Must be understood since in the classroom
Grammar is quite difficult, so students should understand it in the classroom. If you don't understand, you should ask. for teachers to explain until they understand Because it will be more difficult to read the book to understand later. Reading outside of the classroom should be a review. and practice to understand better

5. Read a lot of English books.
You may choose to read based on what you like or are interested in first. You can read all novels, non-fiction, or newspapers. Because reading a lot will allow children to see examples of using sentence patterns, structure, word choice and various tenses, which makes it easier to understand the principles of using English grammar. and can also jot down interesting sentences can be referenced for correct use as well 

5 techniques that the British Council recommends for kids who want to be good at grammar Let's try to use it. And if you want to have a moment where you can practice and understand grammar naturally and can be used in practice whether it's about English grammar or helping to develop children to be able to communicate more effectively Through learning topics such as Real life speaking and writing with expert teachers who are native speakers to support and correct various errors

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