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Aside from the passive marker BEI (被), what words can be used as the indicators of passive voice in Chinese?
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Bèi (被) can be freely interchangeable with causative markers such as  (ràng/ to let),  (gěi/ to give) and  (jiào/ to call).

他昨天老師批評了 (t¯a zu´oti¯an r`ang l˘aosh¯ı p¯ıp´ıng le/ He was criticized by the teacher yesterday.)

這小孩怎麼老人欺負 (zh`e xi˘ao-h´ai zˇeme l˘ao gˇei r´enji¯a q¯ıf`u/ How come this child is always bullied by the others?)

我又同學笑了 (w˘o y`ou ji`ao t´ong-xu´e xi`ao le/ I was laughed at by fellow students again.)

Reference: Chinese: a linguistic introduction by Chao Fen Sun

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