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What is the function of the adverb ZAI (再)?  
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The adverb  (zài/ again) is used to indicate the repetition of individual action as in a sequence.

請再試一次 (qǐng zài shì yī cì/ Please try again in a sequence.)

他一再要求我們出面 (tā yī zài yào qiú wǒ mén chū miàn/ He has been asking us to deal with this issue.) →  the action of asking is a sequential repetition.

我們吃飯,唱歌, 然後再跳舞 (wǒ mén chī fàn, chàng gē, rán hòu zài tiào wǔ/We ate, we sang and then later in a sequence we danced.) → These events are presented in a sequence.

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