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What kind of paired adverbs are frequently used in connecting adverbial clauses?

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Some adverbial clauses are linked by semantically-paired adverbial connectors. These connectors include adverbs like 不但 (b´ud`an/ although) used together with a backward-linking adverb 而且 (´erqi˘e/ also) in the main clause; 雖然 (su¯ır´an/ although) together with 還是 (h´aish`ı/ still) in the main clause; and 因為 (y¯ınw`ei/ because) together with 所以 (su´oy˘ı/ therefore.)


t¯a b´ud`an h˘en r`enzh¯en, ´erqi˘e y˘e h˘en n˘ul`ı 

He is not only very serious but also works very hard.

Other connectors like 既然 (j`ır´an/ since), 如果 (r´ugu˘o/ if), 假如 (ji˘ar´u/ if), and 只要 (zh˘ıy`ao/ if only), co-occur with ji`u (就)/y˘e (也) in the main clause in forming a conditional adverbial clause indicating hypothetical or counterfactual situations.


n˘ı r´ugu˘o b´u g`aos`u t¯a, t¯a ji`u b´u hu`ı zh¯ıd`ao zh`e-ji`an sh`ı
If you do not tell him, he then may not know this business.

Reference: Chinese: a linguistic introduction by Chao Fen Sun

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