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時間連接詞 when 和 while 的功能是否相同?

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When 的功能包括:

(1) 用來形容生命中的一段時間 → When I was young, I used to play piano.

(2) 在事實條件句中用來指涉「每當」→ When Peter meets his boss, he will greet him.

(3) 用來描述緊接在某事件發生後的另一事件,在此用法中, when 特別被拿來連接兩個同步發生短暫動作

→ I thought of him when I saw the picture.

While 則是用來連接描述同步事件的子句 (兩個事件持續的時間較長) → While I was cooking, he was playing video games.

when 和 while 皆可以用於描述某事件打斷一個歷時較長的背景事件:

When/ while I was sleeping, the phone rang.

answered Apr 4, 2018 by admin (23,690 points)
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