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What can follow preposition ZAI (在)?
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preposition ZAI (在) be followed by time, location, range, condition, and agent:

Time: 演唱會的門票會在今天上午十點鐘開始發售。

The tickets to the concerts will go on sale at ten o'clock this morning.

Location: 我本科是在杭州讀的。

I completed my undergraduate program at Hangzhou.

Range: 年齡在十八到二十五歲的市民,可以享受這項優惠政策。

The citizens aged eighteen to twenty-five are eligible to enjoy the benefits of this policy.

Condition: 在老師的細心教導下,他的成績有了顯著提高。

His grades improved significantly after receiving the meticulous training from his teacher.

Agent: 在我看來,這件事要交給警方處理。

The way I see it, we have to report this matter to the police.

answered Apr 11, 2018 by admin (25,520 points)

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