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Where can the prepositional phrase ZAI (在)+NP appear in a sentence?

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Prepositional phrase related with ZAI (在) can be placed:

(a) Before subject:在香港中文大學,[CP 大家都習慣坐校車上下山]。

In CUHK, people normally take the school bus on campus.

(b) Before verb:周末大家都出去玩了,只有我一個人在家[VP吃晚飯]。

Everyone was out of town on the weekend, and I am the only one eating dinner at home.

(c)  After verb:他去北京玩的時候,是[V住]在親戚家的。

He stayed at his relative's house when he went to Beijing. 

answered Apr 11, 2018 by admin (23,690 points)
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