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The more…the more…的句型要怎麼用?
asked Apr 17, 2018 in Questions about English Grammar by admin (23,690 points)

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The more...the more... 基本上是對等連接,前後子句都是由 SVO 的基本句式倒裝而來,形成對等的修飾關係。使用此句型時,要認清 the more 修飾的對象是什麼,是修飾名詞(the more N),還是修飾動詞(the+副詞比較級)?同時,在前後子句中,仍要保持SVO 句構的基本元素。the more...the more... 雖是強調用法,但是主詞、動詞、受詞等基本要素仍要到位,缺一不可!

The more studying you do, the better scores you will get.
               O               S    V                O            S        V
The more you study, the higher you will score.
         ADV      S      V       ADV        S        V

基本上,the more...the more... 的句型是由 SVO 句式倒裝而來:
A species is high in the food chain. → The higher a species is in the food chain.

It receives poisonous chemicals. → The more poisonous chemicals it receives.

From the biological view, the higher a species is in the food chain,
                                                ADJ         S       V
the more poisonous chemicals it receives.
                        O                       S       V

answered Apr 17, 2018 by admin (23,690 points)
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