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Another 和 the other 該怎麼用?
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(1) 二擇一:one ... the other
You have two choices: one is to stay in the current job and work harder; the other is to quit and find another job!

(2) 之外的「另一個」: one... another, some... another.
We have solved several problems, but there is another issue we need to face.

(3) 其他一些:some... others 或 other + 複數名詞
The students in the front rows raised their hands, but the other students remained silent.
Some students raised their hands, but (the) others didn’t. 

→ 加 the 是強調「可知的」;不加 the 則是單純與 some 的語意對應。

answered Apr 17, 2018 by admin (23,690 points)
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another,the other这两个词都表示“另一个”的意思,但涵义和使用场合不同。Another是指不定数目中的“另一个”;the other是指两个人或两样事物中的“另一个”。例:Have another piece of cake.再吃一块饼吧。Please fatch another cup for me.请替我另拿一个杯子来。That's quite another matter.那完全是另一回事。Both my uncles are abroad,one in Paris and the other in New York.我的两个叔叔都在国外,一个在巴黎,另一个在纽约。One of them is yours;the other is mine.一个是你的,另一个是我的。值得注意的是,当我们在两样事物中任选一样时,应用one or the other;在三样或三样以上任选一样时,应用 one or other或one or another。在someone,somehow,somewhere等字后,只能用other,不能用another。例:We'll have to do it somehow or other.在下列短语中,other也不能改作another:some kind or othersome way or other反之,用one时,则用another,例如:one way or another。在only之后,指唯一的就用one或other而不用another。This is the only one/other stile to cross before we reach the wood.当others和some对比使用在一个句子中,others失去“其他的”意义,而是表示“有的”或“有些”之义,相当于句中前面的some。例如:Some like this,others like that.有些人喜欢这个,自些人喜欢那个。Some cleaned the blackboards,others mopped the floor.有些人擦黑板,有些人拖地板。
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