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Appreciate 後面應該接什麼:*I truly appreciate you. 有何問題?
asked Apr 23, 2018 in Questions about English Grammar by admin (19,380 points)

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Thank 的對象是人(thank+人+for+事),所以我們可以說 Thank you for your help.

但是 appreciate 的對象不是人,而是事情,後面只能接感念的事項(appreciate+事),所以我們不能說 *I truly appreciate you. 而必須改為 I truly appreciate your help.

因為 appreciate 表示「人」對「事」的感謝,因此主動主詞是「人」,但被動主詞是「事」:I appreciate your kind help. → Your kind help is highly appreciated!

answered Apr 23, 2018 by admin (19,380 points)
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