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Besides 和 in addition to 都可翻譯為「此外還有」,那麼兩者在語意上有何差異?

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Besides 承接先前的語意,提供用意相同卻更重要的資訊。因此,使用 besides 時,前後兩句的主旨必須一致,且將重點微妙地轉到後一句,例如:
Besides being a great piano player, Aunt Sally is a great cook.
Tommy was happy to help me move. Besides, he had nothing better to do.

In addition (to) 原意是數學上的加總,用來表達尚未提到的其他可能,語意上沒有besides 那麼講究,只是附加額外訊息:
In addition to house chores, she has to take care of the kids.
Tommy is coming for dinner. In addition, he will help us move.

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