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Except 和 besides 的涵義有何不同?

asked May 3, 2018 in Questions about English Grammar by admin (19,380 points)

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1) 一種是「除了⋯⋯以外還有⋯⋯」,有增加補充、涵蓋在內的意思、如:in addition (to), besides:
Libraries offer various other services besides lending books.
In addition to a thick fog, there was heavy swell.


2) 另一種是「除了⋯⋯之外,其他都不一樣」,有排除、對比的功能,如except, except for:
We go to school every day except Sunday.
This book is good except for a few mistakes.

answered May 3, 2018 by admin (19,380 points)
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