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stop to do 和 stop doing的区别在哪里 应该怎么使用这两个
asked Mar 8 in Questions about English Grammar by 118070100206zhuyilv (400 points)

5 Answers

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start to do 是还没有开始准备停止做 stop doing 是已经停止了做某事
answered Mar 11 by richjasonz (180 points)
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stop  to  do指的是停下现在做的事,去做另一件事,而stop  doing则是停下正在做的事
answered Mar 11 by 118070200112zxl (140 points)
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(1)stop doing意思是停下正在做的事。

(2)stop to do意思是停下正在做的去做另一件事。


(1)stop doing动作结果是停止了。

(2)stop to do开始了新的动作。

answered Mar 11 by 117070200105zxk (380 points)
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stop to do表示忘记要做某事,stop doing表示忘记做了某事
answered Mar 11 by 116070200228wxx (140 points)
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stop to do 是还没有开始做,属于将来;stop doing 是已经做了,属于过去
answered Mar 19 by 118030300110qht (510 points)
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