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What is the diffreence between despite and inspite?
asked Mar 8 in Questions about English Grammar by 118070100211zj (360 points)

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despite用作介词讲时,与in spite of 同义,都表示“尽管”'虽然,“不顾”之义,但是程度有所不同。

一般来说,in spite of的语气较强,使用范围较广,despite的语气较弱,多用于正式的文体中,despite除了可做介词外,也可做名词,表示蔑视,憎恨,无意对待。

In spite of/Despite mounting public discontent, the government is determined to push the bill through.
answered Mar 11 by 116070100215hl (3,260 points)
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despite介词让步关系,不管。尽管、任凭。inspite 不管、不顾,与主语的主观意图无关
answered Mar 14 by 118030200314lq (860 points)
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