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the man is coming和 a man is coming有什么区别
asked Mar 11 in Questions about English Grammar by 116070100102jmm (330 points)

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answered Mar 14 by 117030100303hzy (140 points)
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answered Mar 14 by 116070100210jhx (260 points) 1 flag
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the man …是特指,a man 是泛指
answered Mar 14 by Rush (480 points)
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A man表示反正,一个男人
The man表示有所指的,特指这个或那个,经常是上文提到的
the man is coming那个男人正走来
a man is coming一个男人正走来
answered Mar 14 by 116070100405lly (450 points)
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the man特指一个人
a man泛指一个人
answered Mar 14 by 118030200309shz (1,030 points)
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The first one refers to a person who is you know or clear,and the other just means somebody,someone.
thank you!
answered Mar 14 by 116070100103yh (140 points)
Your "is" is redundant and "clear "  means eliminate  as a verb which is not a equivalent  to know. Thank you for your answer!
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the man is coming和 a man is coming有什么区别

answered Mar 14 by 118030200320cyf (1,020 points)
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the man refer specifically to
a man refer to a person
answered Mar 14 by 118030200316mf (940 points)
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the man is coming代表一群人

 a man is coming代表个人
answered Mar 14 by 116030300312fb (8,840 points)
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answered Mar 14 by 118030200312zmj (900 points)
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