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Triplets are often used to highten a piece of writing, maybe for selling something or making a phrase/idea stick in your head.

The use of a triplet will add energy and enthusiasm to a speech.

Some examples are "relaxing, luxurious, extravagant" and "shiny, new, affordable". Triplets can also be used in conjunction with alliteration, for example "dark, damp, dusty".
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定冠词、不定冠词/ this / that / these / those / my / your / Merry's / my friend's / some / any / every / each / no /
a the boy a some boy
1. all, both , half
eg. all the girls, half an hour
2. 倍数词 double, twice, three times
double the sum, twice my salary, three times the space 3. 分数词 one-third, one-fifth
One-third the time
4. such, what
such a surprise! What a fine day !
前位限定词是互相排斥的,如不能说all both girls。
all such 是个例外。
个别限定词有跨类现象。如such既属于前位限定词,又可归入后位限定词。由于它只是在 such a...和such an...这样的搭配中属于前位限定词。而在与其他限定词(some, any, no, all, few, another, other, many, one, two, etc)搭配时,such则是后位限定词,一律放在上述这些限定词的后面。
1. 基数词 my three children
2. 序数词 the first day, the last day
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