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answered Mar 14 by 118030300110qht (510 points)
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too many+可数名词复数‘太多’
many too(没有这种用法)
too much +不可数名词‘太多’
much too +形容词‘太……’
answered Mar 14 by 118030200309shz (1,030 points)
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1、too much常用作副词或代词,也可以用作形容词修饰不可数名词。如:
Is watching TV too much good or bad for your health?
You've given me too much.
We've had too much rain lately.

2、much too常作副词,后接副词或形容词。如:
He drove much too fast. 他开车开得太快了。
It is much too cold. 天实在太冷了。

3、too many常用作形容词,修饰可数名词复数。如:
They built too many buildings last year. 去年他们建了许多楼房。

4、没有many too 这个结构。

answered Mar 14 by 118030200320cyf (1,020 points)
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much too+ 形容词或副词原形,表示程度,意思是“太……”、 没有many too 这种用法、 too much+不可数名词,意思是“太多……”、 too many+可数名词复数,意思是“太多……
answered Mar 14 by 118030200307 (180 points)
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、too much的中心词是“much”,too是用来加强much语气的;much too的中心词是“too”,much是用来加强too的语气的。
too many+可数名词复数‘太多’
many too(没有这种用法)
too much +不可数名词‘太多’
much too +形容词‘太……’
answered Mar 14 by 118030200316mf (940 points)
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much too“太……”+ 形容词/副词原形

too much“太多……”+ 不可数名词

too many“太多……”+ 可数名词复数

answered Mar 14 by 118030200312zmj (900 points)
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1、much too“太……”+ 形容词/副词原形

2、too much“太多……”+ 不可数名词

3、too many“太多……”+ 可数名词复数

answered Mar 14 by 118030200315wlp (940 points)
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Too much modifies uncountable nouns much too modifies adjectives or adverbs
answered Mar 14 by 118030200311snd (820 points)
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Because too much or too many is more than enough much too or many too is adv sentence。
answered Mar 14 by 118030200314lq (860 points)
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