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从句中which和that有时通用 那什么时候不可通用呢
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eg:This is the hotel in which you will stay.
eg:Let me show you the novel that I borrowed from the liberary which was newly open (新开放) to us.
eg:English is the most difficult subject that you will learn during these years.
eg:He is the last person that I want to see.
eg:Which is the bike that you lost?
eg:The bike and its rider that had run over (撞倒了)an old man were taken to the police station.
5.先行词是all.much.little.something.everything.anything.nothing.none.the one等代词时 
eg:You should hand in all that you have.
6.先行词前面有 of.the same.the very等词修饰时 
eg:The only thing that we can do is to give you some money.
eg:Edison built up a factory(办了一个工厂) which produced things that had never been seen before.

answered Mar 14, 2019 by 116050200313hd (140 points)
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1. 引导非限制性定语从句时,通常要用which。如:She received an invitation from her boss, which came as a surprise. 她收到了老板的邀请,这是她意想不到的。

2. 直接放在介词后作宾语时,通常要用which。如:The tool with which he is working is called a hammer. 他干活用的那个工具叫做锤子。

3. much, little, none, all, few, every(thing), any(thing), no(thing) 等时,通常用that。如:There was little that the enemy could do but surrender. 敌人无法,只有投降了。All [Everything] that can be done must be done. 凡能that can be done must be done.

4. 当先行词有the very, the only, the same 等修饰时,通常用that。如:This is the only example that I know. 我知道的例子只有这一个。Those are the very words that he used. 那是他的原话。

5. 当先行词有形容词最高级或序数词(包括last, next等)等修饰时,通常用that。如:。如:This is the best dictionary that I’ve ever used. 这是我用过的最好的词典。The first thing that you should do is to work out a plan. 你应该做的第一件事是订个计划。

6. 当关系代词在定语从句中用作表语时,通常用that。如:China is not the country (that) it was. 中国已不是过去的中国了。

7. 当先行词是一个既指人又指物的并列词组时,通常用that。如:They talked about the persons and things that most impressed them. 他们谈论了使他们印象最深的人和事。他们谈论了使他们印象最深的人和事。

8. 当要避免重复时。如:Which is the course that we are to take? 我们选哪门课程?

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引导定语从句的关系代词有:that(指人或物),which(指物),who (指人).指人时可用that或who ;指物时可用that 或which

answered Mar 15, 2019 by 118030200519ztt (260 points)
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定语从句(Attributive Clauses)在句中做定语,修饰一个名词或代词,被修饰的名词,词组或代词即先行词。定语从句通常出现在先行词之后,由关系词(关系代词或关系副词)引出。
关系代词有:who, whom, whose, that, which等。
关系副词有:when, where, why等。


answered Mar 19, 2019 by 118030200518mlp (340 points)

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