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The two phrases"no more"and"no less"are very confusing to me,do you know how to deal with my confusion?

no more和 no less很容易搞混,你知道怎么区分它们吗?
asked Mar 11 in Questions about English Grammar by 117070300229nwj (390 points)

3 Answers

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answered Mar 14 by 118030300110qht (510 points)
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no more第一个意思是不,第二个意思是不再
no less是仍然,仍旧,还是的意思
answered Mar 14 by 118030200311snd (820 points)
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no more 不多no less 不少双语对照
answered Mar 14 by 118030200314lq (860 points)
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